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Happy Chinese New Year-Join President Trump's “New American Christian fellowship”- Humanity Rebuilding God's Relationship

Happy Chinese New Year-Join President Trump's New American Christian fellowship- Humanity Rebuilding God's Relationship

Dear President Donald J. Trump Excellency:

Thank you for reading the second letter I wrote, praying for you, and here is my testimony to the prophecy of the last letter.

. Holy Son - President Trump's departure from the White House has won the blessing of God

President Trump has just left the White House, the phrase "incitement of insurrection" (Chinese people are more familiar with the alleged sedition) was impeached by Congress and crucified.

In recent years, the U.S. Congress has radically passed same-sex marriage, coeducational toilets, and abolished gender references for mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, sons and daughters; similarly, China has introduced the COVID-19 anal test sub to facilitate older men to see girls' lower bodies, and to increase medical GDP, which then spreads to the world.

A person's desire is controllable, but when the desire and theft are protected by legislation and popularized in the classroom, every nerve of this state power is evil.

The U.S. election was ostensibly won by Biden, but in fact the cover-up of election fraud by high-tech companies rubbed the eyes of the world in the pursuit of Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections.

President Trump temporarily left the White House on January 20 and returned to the "Second White House" in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

2,000 years ago, our Lord Jesus took up the cross.  From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. Matthew1621

"Save America", says President Trump: "We will be back in some form"!

After January 20, 2021, America will enter a new era, God wants the glory for this himself.

. Holy Spirit: Missed Opportunity - Xi Jinping Abandoned Chuchen to Build Xiongan New Area and Brought Calamity

God loved Mr. Xi Jinping and gave him the revelation of Chuchen that China would return to the Republic of China and be governed by one country, two governments - the Wuhan Executive Yuan.

Unfortunately, Mr. Xi persists in communism. Internally, he arrested political prisoners such as Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi, the founders of the New Civic Movement. Externally, he proposed the "Community of Human Destiny", bribed Taiwanese politicians, strengthened cooperation with pedophiles and ISIS, tried to subvert the free world's faith in God, and promoted America Last.

In 2019, just for disclosing Chu Chen's information, the ccp sentenced Niu Teng Yu to 14 years in prison. Yes, Mr. Xi can attack and even kill the messenger, But you can never destroy the message.

There is a Chinese proverb: the Mandate of Heaven cannot be disobeyed, Mr. Xi is on the road to self-destruction. 2021 he will be overthrown by the citizens along with the Chinese Communist regime!

.The Republic of China is divided between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait with one country and two governments, joining President Trump's ""New American Christian fellowship"" “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”- John 8:12

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden's first day in office removed " 1776" from the U.S. White House website... We never thought that America would abandon God too.

"that there is much more going on in the world" than the U.S". Chinese history records that 4,700 years ago Zhuan Xu, grandson of the Yellow Emperor, launched the Cutting off the transport between heaven and earth, forcing the Chinese to abandon the worship of God, and Chinese culture laid the foundation for today's communist atheism.

Of course, the preamble to American independence says this. We hold these truths to be self-evident ……. it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

In this way, government cannot defeat the people.

1.The New America: The Constitution gives President Trump the power to establish a new American government and we look forward to his lion-like return. I also believe that anyone in the world, any organization that fights for Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections will support him with all their might!

2.New China (Eden Christian fellowship): The Chinese Communist Party also says Taiwan is a part of China, so mainlanders also have the right to choose a good life for Taiwanese. Mainland citizens Build Citizen-Centered Governments, Promote China towards democracy in Taiwan, Proudly supporting U.S. great president.

3.New American Christian fellowship”:President Trump released a video on the evening of Feb. 3: Follow me great patriots and you won't be disappointed, and soon tomorrow we will witness the return of President Trump to lead America back to the new America of 1776, when the light of the American Declaration of Independence will once again shine on the world. The return of American faith will also bring changes to the world landscape.

The Executive Yuan Preparatory Committee of the Republic of China (Wuhan) prays for the new America and for President Trump. The Executive Yuan Preparatory Committee of the Republic of China (Wuhan) hopes to join President Trump's new America in restoring faith in God to the entire human race under President Trump's leadership and opening up the freedom of the Chinese people to believe in the Lord.

Dear President Trump, I am writing this letter to you to implore you to help the Chinese people realize their quest for democracy. Only when the Chinese are free will they have the freedom to believe, and only when they are free to believe will they have the opportunity to know God. Thank you for your prayers for democracy in China, and if your country supports the Chinese in overthrowing the Chinese Communist dictatorship, we believe that after China's democracy, the two countries will cooperate in harmony with the greatest goodwill under the blessing of God. On behalf of the Preparatory Committee of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China (Wuhan), I would like to pray for you and send my sincere thanks.

Trust in God Wait on the Lord!

Executive Yuan of Wuhan (R.O.C.) Preparatory CommitteeNew Citizens Movement China

  secretary: Zhang Xiang-zhong (张向忠)

  Email: rocnatorg@gmail.com

  Telephone:  60169305785

  Web site: www.rocnat.org